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Awsom and the SPCA

Toast began its relationship with the RSPCA in 1993 and has since developed databases for many of the RSPCA branches.

The culmination of many years work and consultancy with the Wellington SPCA, Manawatu RSPCA, Auckland SPCA and Hawke's Bay SPCA has led to the development of 'Awsom'. the Animal Welfare Systems Operations Manager.

'Awsom' is now in operation in 25 RSPCA branches in New Zealand and the Hawke's Bay SPCA has now been operating 'Awsom' for twelve years without a single breakdown.

'Awsom' is more than a database of relevant information. It's many databases relating to one another and sharing information between them. 'Awsom' is a management system, which thinks and acts with the same responses that SPCA staff does day in, day out. Here are some of the examples.

The SPCA Database is the main database of the set and its primary role is to house all the clients' details, including the relationship that the client has with the Branch.

It is often referred to as the main menu and links all the information between the client and other files such as member, donor, adoption, surrender, complainant, offender or person of interest.

In other words none of the other databases contain client details as they are all entered in the SPCA Database and then link to their appropriate relationship.

The role of the Animals Database is to record and show all the information on animals surrendered and adopted from the RSPCA. As all animals are surrendered or adopted by clients this database will also show the link between the client and these files.

The role of the Complaints Database is to record and show all the information on complaints. As all complaints emanate from, or are committed by clients this database will also show the link between the client and these files.

At some stage you will require reports from your client database, animal database or complaints database. These include donor and membership details, animal's inward and outward statistics, monthly summaries and inspectors reports. This area allows you easy access to these reports simply through the click of a mouse button.

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Please feel free to click on the links below to view SPCA screenshots or click here to see what the SPCA branches say about Awsom.

Awsom is awesome!

"I have had involvement with Toast Resources Ltd for over 14 years during my involvement with three separate SPCA branches. I have 100% faith in the database product they have supplied and in any modification support that I have requested. The programme we use is called AWSOM and it has never broken down or failed us in that time. If everything else I rely on in business was as stable, life would be a breeze." - Geoff Sutton, Centre Manager, Canterbury SPCA

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