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Database Design References - What the users say!

Chum - Church Management

"For a non technical person its easy to learn."

"Great to be able to see everything at a glance."

“It is obvious that a catholic parish was involved with the devising of Chum as all requirements for the efficient running of a parish database are met. Chum is simple and straight forward to operate. Using this programme makes life a pleasure for the parish secretary.”

"Parish roll database and planned giving database on the one programme makes life so much easier."

"With parish family members listed together, even with different surnames, its so much easier to keep track of parishioners."

"I have found it to be extremely user friendly, easy to understand and its presentation is clear and easy to read."

"All client knowledge is in one place which is a real timer saver and updating any details only takes a brief time."

"Steve is only a phone call away for any queries or help required and that too has been a bonus."

"We are pleased to be using this programme and can happily recommend it to others."

"We we are very happy with the programme and the support we get from you." - St Philomena's, New Plymouth

"One of the most frequent requests from Parishes was for a simple, easy to use and cost effective Church Management System that would enable Parishes to not only know who their parishioners were but also their needs and also in what ways they were able to assist their fellow parishioners. A bonus would be the ability to keep track of the planned giving contributions and print tax contribution receipts at the end of the financial year.

After much research and trial, the only system that met all the criteria I had set was CHUM by Toast Database Design.

The Company may not be large, but Steve Pearce, the owner, is easy to work with and has provided a system that is far superior to most far more expensive systems. Users have been able to fully use the system with minimal instruction.

I have no hesitation in endorsing CHUM and do recommend it to parishes looking for an easy to use, secure and inexpensive Church Management System." - David Randall, Catholic Diocese of Auckland

Awsom - Animal Welfare Systems Operation Management

"When we first set up Awsom we went from a complete paper system to the programme. The staff were worried it would be difficult but within a week they were all extremely pleased as they could look up files with a number within seconds, unlike when looking through paper files. To put it bluntly, we think the system is AWESOME!! The programme is simple and if you need any help Steve and his team are at the end of the phone with all the right answers - we haven't managed to get them lost yet. I struggle to remember how we managed before Awsom - no shelter should be without it." - Nicola Martin, General Manager, Rotorua SPCA

"I think AWSOM is awesome and the back up service is excellent". - Carol Schofield, Centre Manager Marlborough SPCA

"Just want to say thanks for the support you have given Southland Branch of the SPCA with your "Awsom" programme. Even though we are so far away - it hasn't seemed to make a difference in regards to any support we have needed. In saying this once training was completed there hasn't been much need for support! Must be your training Steve". - Rachel Hucklebridge, Chairperson, Southland SPCA

" AWSOM by name, awesome by nature! It's made such a big difference to our SPCA centre efficiencies and when Steve was here to install the programme he easily managed to turn some hesitant computer-shy staff into enthusiasts for what the programme does for the centre. He is very helpful and is happy to be asked questions about the programme, no matter how silly you might feel asking! A very reasonable, thorough and professional service". - Atholl Byers, Centre Supervisor, South Taranaki SPCA

"The Awsom programme is just that “Awsome”. It is user friendly and extremely effective at keeping all information in an orderly, one stop shop. The back-up service is also wonderful. Steve is always willing to help out in a timely and extremely professional manner". - Donna Stringer, Centre Manager, Nelson SPCA.

"I have had involvement with Toast Resources Ltd for over 14 years during my involvement with three separate SPCA branches. I have 100% faith in the database product they have supplied and in any modification support that I have requested. The programme we use is called AWSOM and it has never broken down or failed us in that time. If everything else I rely on in business was as stable, life would be a breeze". - Geoff Sutton, Centre Manager, Canterbury SPCA

"I have used AWSOM at our shelter for the past 6 or so years; it is a worthy and very efficient Database that covers all our shelter needs and makes life a lot easier. We would be lost with out it. Steve, at Toast, has always been available to answer all of my questions, with a very friendly and helpful attitude. Both Toast and AWSOM are highly recommendable." - Margaret Rawiri, Branch Administrator, Tauranga SPCA

"Awsom is awesome! And………the Toast service is totally awesome!’- Andrea Collins, North Taranaki SPCA

Quality is key

"Quality in a service or product is not what you put into it.

It is what the client or customer gets out of it."

- Peter Drucker

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