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Catholic Church

In 2009 Toast Database Design, after consultation with St Mary's Catholic Church in Napier, was contracted to develop a database that would easily and simply collect information about the Parishioners that would in turn enhance communication with them. Following a successful implementation of St Mary's, the same was carried out for St Patrick's Church months later and is now installed in 20 churches in the North Island.

The database named Chum (Church Management) records and reports parishioner data through the power of a relational database. Chum keeps track of parishioner census and sacramental data, contributions, pledges and much more. Chum allows for viewing of individual member and family group data in a single screen, with a detailed review of parishioner contributions and professional quality reports with one click of the mouse.

Once parishioner data is entered or imported from your old or existing database or spreadsheet, this information is immediately available to other screens and modules. The reporting system is pre-designed and therefore staff with no previous database knowledge can easily produce elegantly formatted printouts with little or no instruction. Chum delivers superior performance even when querying thousands of member records in a stand alone or networked environment.

With Chum, you are guaranteed an extremely easy to use management database with exceptional performance, universally accepted format, automated year-end features, high quality data import or export services and affordable pricing. Chum is a customised Filemaker Pro database.

What will Chum record?
  • Parishioners and their addresses
  • Family groups
  • Contributions
  • Pledges
  • Baptisms and marriages
  • Parishioner specified sacramental data
  • Occupational and educational data
  • Committee & Special Group data
  • Student data by specified age group
  • Individual End of Year Contribution receipts for tax purposes

Is Chum secure?

It most definitely is, look at these outstanding features:
  • Security (password protection)
  • Access privileges for layouts, screens, and groups.
  • Record locking for various records.
  • Standalone & network configurations
  • Simplified backup and year-end procedures
  • Import data from dBASE, Paradox, Microsoft Excel and Lotus 123 formats
  • Export data to SQL Server, dBASE, Paradox, HTML, Microsoft Excel and Lotus 123 formats

What are the benefits of Chum to the Church?

Chum can and will:
  • Enhance communication with your parishioners
  • Track parishioner data, family information, phone numbers, email addresses, employment, education and much more
  • Track parishioner involvement in parish life, activities, groups and committees
  • Records sacramental information for children
  • See all family members at a glance
  • Easily find individuals or groups to print labels, envelopes, lists, nametags and more
  • Email an individual from your own email program
  • Easily print a current parish directory
  • Track and report planned giving history
  • Simplify exporting of data for mail merge with other programs
  • Import data from other sources
  • Save you time and effort
  • Keep your parishioner data completely secure, and best of all Chum can be shared on a local computer network

Want to see more, click here to download a pdf presentation on "Chum" or click here to see what the users say.

Making life easy!

"Parish roll database and planned giving database on the one programme makes life so much easier."

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